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“’Wow!’ was the reaction from myself, and others who saw the poster and flyer designs that Paul did for our Mother's Day church program. Paul took a general concept that we spoke about with him, and literally brought it to a visual fruition within just a few hours.

“Paul understands that life is in color, and amazingly captured the essence of our ideas and brilliantly created a soulfully, vibrant graphic design for it.

“Paul is gifted at what he does, his work is impeccable, he's professional, and he will exceed all of your expectations! I would trust him to work on any graphic design project, and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!”

-Nicole S.

Lively Stones Poster
“The Lively Stones” - The poster Paul created for Leslie's Mother's Day event   

the REAL Party Flier
  “The Real Party” - A publicity flier Paul created for the LSHS Gospel Choir

“Paul has designed spectacular publicity fliers and programs for the annual Lincoln-Sudbury High School Gospel Choir concert. He integrated a colleague's collage into his cover art, and the outcome was amazing. He chose fonts, colors, graphics, and design that worked beautifully with the collage, and with the theme of the concert.

“Throughout the process, Paul was extraordinarily generous with his time and energy, and never hesitated to ask for input. Also, he was always willing to make revisions with the goal of attaining a perfect result. I couldn't have been happier with the final product - and all who saw it raved about it. I would absolutely use Paul again, and I highly recommend him to you!”

-Leslie G.

Paul Sarapas - 52 Greenwood Avenue - Wakefield, Massachusetts - 01880